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Research Paper: Small Business Communities and the London Olympics 2012

Research paper into the experiences of small businesses forced to move to make way for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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No boulevard of dreams on High Street 2012

The 2012 Olympics are working their magic and bringing people together - in frustration! East London rings to cries of 'Betrayal!' and 'Civil Unrest'!

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Raiding the piggy bank

Dave Lee's The Olympic Borough has an exclusive one day in advance of the next Save Wanstead Flats public meeting. His FoI request reveals that t

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The Fluid Survey: Clays Lane Housing Co-op Residents Survey Report

The Fluid Survey was carried out in August and September 2004. It followed two meetings at the end of November 2003 and in February 2004 at which the LDA had met with the Clays Lane community. At the first meeting the LDA had said the estate would be demolished even if the Olympics did not come to London. It had produced a drawing of a non-Olympic scenario at the meeting in November. Enquiries by residents showed that in reality there was no such non-Olympic plan and later, at the CPO Inquiry in 2006, Jason Prior, the Olympics Masterplanner, revealed in his evidence that an investigation into a non-Olympic plan for the area was not even commissioned until the summer of 2004 and was then abandoned as unviable.

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Theatre Royal Stratford succumbs to Olympiad Octopus

Oh! What a Lovely Olympics. What would Joan Littlewood make of the Theatre Royal, Stratford, becoming entangled in the Cultural Olympiad? According to the BBC 'there has arguably been no challenge in its history that compares to the coming of the Olympic Games'. This banal assertion ignores the near demolition of the theatre by the property developers responsible for Stratford's remarkably uninteresting shopping mall and the creation of one of the most innovative theatre projects in Britain in post-War times by Joan Littlewood and Gerry Raffles. These two pioneers aren't even mentioned in the article or by the present crop of Theatre Royal thespians.

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Gold says: It's time to knock down Green Street!

David Gold has said it is time for demolition, sorry, redevelopment in Green Street.

When reminiscing about his childhood back in the 1940s and 50s he said:"Nothing has really happened in that area apart from some work on the stadium and the erection of a statue of West Ham's World Cup winners. It is time for redevelopment."

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Car parking legacy for West Ham Olympic stadium

According to West Ham co-chairman David Gold the car free Olympic Park will have 20,000 car parking spaces for West Ham to use if it takes over the Olympic stadium. He told the BBC that West Ham supporters would find it much easier to get to the ground than at Upton Park: "At the moment, they can't get to West Ham easily but there will be 20,000 car parking spaces at the Olympic Park."

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Making noises on that coiltrumpet

On the Newsgroup Charlie points out it's last chance to object to the Planning Application (application ref 10/90250/FULODA ) for the 'Snorbit'

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