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16th October 1968: the Black Power Salute

the Black Power Salute: 16th October 1968, screenshot from Democracy Now's piece on John Carlos, 1968 Olympic U.S. Medalist, on the Revolutionary Sports Moment that Changed the World, see Black Power Salute: 16th October 1968, screenshot from Democracy Now

Reposted below are both parts of Democracy Now's exclusive interview with John Carlos and Dave Zirin, shedding new light and detail on the people and events around the Mexico 1968 Games, the student massacre, the Black Power Salute, Tommie Smith, Peter Norman, John Carlos, Avery Brundage...

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bromley by bow community organisation

Via @danhancox

"They just want to get us in prison for the Olympics" must-watch film of young Bow residents

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The lying never stops

Blair's at it again. He recently told the World Economic Forum meeting in Brazil: 'You can use the Olympics as an economic platform to attract in a whole lot of different business and investment that surprisingly can go way beyond the sporting events.'

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The Olympics, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Podium Conference 2011: Panel at the Podium Conference Countdown to the Games February 2011.  Copyright ©2011 sytaffelPodium Conference 2011: Copyright ©2011 sytaffel

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Debate on Olympic and Paralympic Legacies

Mike Weed is Professor of Sport and Society and Director of the Centre for Sport, Physical Education and Activity Research (SPEAR) at Canterbury Christ Church University. He also engages with #media2012, and was a speaker at the recent annual olympic and paralympic conference of PODIUM, the London 2012 Further and Higher Education Unit. Republished with permission here is a piece calling for a debate around 2012 sporting legacies which he asserts has been largely absent.

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Going for Gold: Globalizing the Olympics, Localizing the Games. J. R. Short

This paper discusses the siting of the Summer Olympic Games at the global, national and local scales. The increasing corporatization of the Games is examined. Their use in city marketing campaigns is evaluated.

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Hey, where's the thank-you note?

The following, © Bob Mackin, is re-posted from

The British Columbia government finally told taxpayers who used the tickets they bought for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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