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The Commercial Games

The Commercial Games - How Commercialism is Overrunning the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

"The Olympics claim to stand for pure ideals, for sports, culture and education. Unfortunately, the overwhelming cultural influence at the Olympics is now commercial culture; and the overwhelming informational message is: buy, buy, buy."

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The magic of Mcdonalds - facing two ways on the Olympics

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's chief for Northern Europe, on Mcdonalds and the Olympics: "One thing we are not seeking is brand awareness,"

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Now Locog wants a crap clock in Trafalgar Square

Locog just can't keep track of the time. They've already got an Olympic clock in Stratford to countdown to 2012 but now it wants another one in Trafalgar Square. Stratford's icon deficit has already been remarked on and this is further evidence that East London is losing ground in the Olympic icon wars.


Coca Cola workers - strike report

Just a few miles up the Lea Valley in Edmonton, Olympics TOP partners (ie top level sponsors) have a factory. This report of the current strike is reposted from Harringey Solidarity Network

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Expensive Olympics require expensive seats!

An Olympic source has said organisers are having 'fruitful discussions' about how much to charge for tickets with some in LOCOG and the government favouring £3,000 for the best seats at the opening ceremony and other key events. However, it seems some idiots have been making "public statements that the tickets would be affordable and that is causing some disquiet.”

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On one dead IOC fascist

Clare Sambrook - co-author with Andrew Jennings of The Great Olympic Swindle - was kind enough to email us recently pointing to a post on her site (now listed in our Blogroll) linking to her article at open Democracy written following the death of Samaranch Senior -

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Speed lanes to get the Olympic 'family' to the Games on time

Buses will be diverted, side roads and pedestrian crossings closed, parking bays and delivers spaces will be suspended and taxis barred from entering Olympic VIP lanes.

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2012 British athletes to run in British designed German pants

Stella McCartney has been hired by sports apparel maker Adidas to design their outfits for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

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