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Brand Beckham to the rescue?

First it was 'Beckham backs the bid', then 'Beckham to motivate the England Squad'. Now it may be 'Beckham returns to East End roots'. West Ham have been talking to 'his people' in an attempt to rope in the Leytonstone born celeb in its bid to get its hands on the 2012 Olympic Stadium. Still, the lad hasn't agreed yet. Maybe West Ham is a bit of a comedown for Brand Beckham after the various excitements of the World Cup.

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Coalition questions sport participation targets as Olympics gold dust fails to inspire

Back in 2007 Tessa Jowell said "The gold dust of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games could be the way to inspire so many young people to change their lives, to increase their involvement in sport and arts." The Government had set a target of getting two million more people involved in sport by 2012.

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Missed the Goal for Workers: The Reality of Soccer Ball Stitchers in Pakistan, India, China and Thailand

An International Labor Rights Forum report, June 7, 2010

This report presents the key findings of the International Labor Rights Forum’s research in the four largest soccer balls producing countries: Pakistan, India, China and Thailand. This report also highlights the need to rethink the strategies being utilized by companies to encourage suppliers to adhere to strong labor standards.

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The Poor Olympics

It would seem that the key concept for the 'actually existing Olympics' is signified by the word poor

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A Wider Social Role for Sport

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LVRPA identifies 2012 Olympics as ‘a major risk’!

The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority seems to be a trifle confused. In its 2007/8 accounts it identifies the 2012 Olympics as ‘a major risk that could affect all our key business objectives into the future.’ It goes on to say ‘The award of the Olympics to London will affect our land, business, financial and human resources. At this stage it is too early to fully assess the precise impact.’ Later on it goes on restate the problem ‘It is important that the Authority remains focused on the issues and related risk of the Olympics, and that the new Strategic Business Plan reflects the effect of the Olympics risk on our business objectives.’

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'Secrets in the Blood' coming to the Beijing Olympics ?

In the run up to the Beijing Olympics, Matt McGrath sets out to expose corruption, drug use and cover-ups at the highest levels in sport. BBC World Service Investigation

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Very critical House of Commons Select Committee Olympic report published

On 23 April 2008 the House of Commons Select Committee responsible for reviewing the performance of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published its report London 2012 Games: The next lap. This report contains the following judgements.

.."such a radical revision of cost estimates has been damaging to confidence in the management of the overall programme. It has also exposed the Government and Games organisers to the charge that the initial bid was kept artificially low in order to win public support."

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