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Democracy Now Video of Vancouver Protests

Democracy Now reports on protests by up to 3000 demonstrators in Vancouver, largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Amy Goodman: The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are underway in Vancouver, Canada. The $40 million opening ceremony was held Friday night, kicking off an event that’s covered the host city in national flags and the logos of the Games’ corporate sponsors. The ceremony was held against the backdrop of tragedy, following the death of a Georgian luge team member during a practice session just hours before.

Unseasonably warm temperatures, meanwhile, are hindering some of the Olympic competition sites. Organizers have been forced to use helicopters and trucks to haul in snow for thinly covered mountains.

Well, our Olympic coverage begins today in the streets of Vancouver, where some say a historic convergence is taking place. Indigenous groups, anti-poverty activists and civil liberties advocates are some of the voices being heard in protest against the Olympic presence. Franklin Lopez of Vancouver’s Media Co-op has been following the Olympic protests.

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