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Tessa tells us 50,000 homes!

Flagged up recently on our newsgroup was an article on the opendalston blog on the financial difficulties facing developers Barratts, contractors for the so-called Dalston Olympic Transport Interchange and numerous building projects around Stratford High St.

However, my attention was drawn to the previous entry:

Iain Sinclair on the Olympics

If you missed the Channel4 news film last Sunday, featuring Iain Sinclair talking about the Olympics and Tessa Jowell about the importance of shopping...

It includes a video (below) from Channel 4 News with Iain Sinclair, Julie Sumner of Manor Gardening Society, and then towards the end Tessa telling us there'll be 50,000 new homes. Is Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell being economical with the truth again?

An excerpt from the recently published Legacy Masterplan Framework puts the number at less than 20,000.

The LMF has the potential to deliver 10,000-12,000 new homes, this is in addition to the approximately 5,500 units from the Athletes Olympic Village and Stratford City.

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