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Olympics Could Close Leyton Underground

INCREASED passenger numbers during the 2012 Olympics could lead to the closure of Leyton Underground station.

Fears about massive disruption for commuters while the Games are taking place were raised at last week's meeting of the Waltham Forest transport liaison consultative group. Local environmental campaigner Laurence Wortley said he had been told of plans to shut the station for the Olympics by Jeff Ellis, general manager of the Central Line.

…… a spokeswoman for Waltham Forest Council said: "London Underground has not told us that the station will be closed - just that if it becomes too overcrowded during the 2012 Games, it may have to be closed for safety reasons.”

Mr Wortley told the meeting: "The station is extremely crowded at rush hour. How are all those people going to go to and from work if they close the station?" He said the station was sure to be overloaded by the fortnight-long Olympics, and added that one possible solution would be to re-open the station's rear entrance.

From; Olympics could close Leyton station, David Williams, This is Local London, 7 10 06

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