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Leabank Square Residents speak out about Noise, Dust and Legacy

On 15th October Shona Abantu-Choudhury posted the statement below on the noise and dust at Leabank Square on the Leabank Square Blogspot along with pictures of the machinery at work. You can see what other residents have to say by following the 'comments' link below his statement on the blogspot. Shona and his wife Nadira were also interviewed by BBC News. This follows earlier reports contained in More ‘Anecdotal’ Complaints of Noise and Dust from Leabank Square Residents about the situation at Leabank Square. Residents are increasingly concerned at the steadily diminishing legacy they and others in Hackney Wick will inherit once the Games are over. Having lost a vital green space at Arena Fields they are now worried the promised replacement parkland will not materialise.

'Work on the Olympic site has now been brought right up to the neighbouring fence - and we can see all sorts of activity going on only metres from us.

Of course this has brought fresh concerns from most of the Square - especially from the front 3 blocks. The noise at 7.00am hits you like the rudest alarm clock - and does not stop until 8.00pm.

The new floodlights set up around the soil washing plant bring daylight into our flats at night - and encourage the builders to make as much noise as they do during the height of the day.

We are back to debating the old question: Is having the Olympics on our doorstep - worth living next to the largest construction site in Europe?

The answer used to be yes.

But now we know a lot more about the Olympic Legacy.

* We know that the leisure pool that was going to be attached to the racing pool has been scrapped. Those of us that had lobbied for just such a pool to introduce the East End kids to swimming - while seeing the older swimmers training & racing right next door - are very disappointed.

* We know that no serious plans have been made for the Media Centre/International Press Centre to be bought by a national media company. There are now major discussions about turning this into a temporary building. The legacy promised a major centre of local employment - we'll probably get a dodgy money-making faith centre or massive tesco.

* The Handball Court has now been scaled down. This was going to be a fantastic local Community Centre - what are the current plans now?

* There is talk by Boris Johnson of siting a University Campus 'just south of the Media Centre'. Well - this is where we are supposed to be getting part of Arena Fields returned to a lush green breathing space.

I could go on & on about legacy plans been leaked out to the media without the official Legacy Document been issued. Is this meant to soften all our expectations until it comes out in Spring 2009.

So - Leabank Square - what is the answer to the question now?

Is the end result - an Olympic Park with no relevant legacy to us - its closest existing residential neighbours - worth all the noise & dust?


Please feel free to add any comment about this blog entry! Simply click ‘comments’ below & you can tell us all what you think. You can use your own name, a pseudonym, be anonymous, or even join blogger yourself. The more we all discuss Leabank Square – the more we all feel part of it!!'

Posted by Leabank Square at 10:42

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