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1 Nov 2008 - 13:00
2 Nov 2008 - 21:30

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STRUGGLES IN THE CITY - Public Discussions and Film Screenings
OCTOBER 2008 Glasgow / Edinburgh
Eastwards Ho! A New Urban Frontier?

A series of films addressing conflicts over urban space, regeneration and privatisation.

market gallery - 334 Duke Street, Glasgow, G31 1QZ

10 - 18 October
Gallery Open: Tues - Saturday 12 - 6pm
Open by Appointment - Monday 13th October 12 - 6pm

Introductory talk by Simon Yuill: Friday 10 October 7pm

Given to the People (2008), Simon Yuill. "Pollok Estate
was given to the people in 1939, once given it cannae be
ungiven, it can only be stolen." Colin Macleod, Pollok
Free State.

The London Particular: The Occupation (2001). The sordid
reconfiguration - through gentrification - of life, death,
and work on the fringe of the city of London.

Five Ring Circus (2007). Scathing documentary about the
false promises of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and the
social, economic and environmental impacts of the event.

Polly 2: Plan for a Revolution in Docklands (2006), Anja
Kirchner and David Panos. Mixing popular forms (Brecht,
the Western), Kirchner and Panos pursue a dramatic canvas
for their critical take on regeneration.

The Spectacle. A series of community based films
challenging the rhetoric of regeneration in the east end
of London.

Organised by Variant collective


Glasgow Games : Genuine Legacy or Gentrification?

market gallery - 334 Duke Street, Glasgow, G31 1QZ

A Public Discussion convened by Libby Porter

Saturday 11 October 1pm

Guest Speakers: Petra Biberbach and Jo Winterbottom

Free Market : markets 324 gallery space will be open for
use as a resource area with a book table and chairs and
tea and coffee facilities. If you would like to arrange a
group visit or if you are doing research or studying and
have an interest in any of the events please call: 0141
556 7276 or email: market@...


International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow

Wednesday 15 - Sunday 19 October

Document 6 brings films from around the world to inform,
challenge and inspire a local audience, supporting film
makers whose work has international resonance as an act of

Full details will be posted at:



Transmission Gallery is pleased to present a screening of
the film by Anja Kirschner and David Panos

Followed by a discussion between the artists and Rebecca

Transmission - Floor 4, 48 King Street

Saturday 25th October 7pm
Doors open 6.30pm

Trail of the Spider transposes Western genre motifs and
the suppressed racial history of the American West (where
one in three cowboys were black or Mexican) onto the
transforming landscape of East London. Questioning and
re-imagining the Western's portrayal of the 'Vanishing
Frontier' , the film extends the metaphor to the material
and psychological conditions of the present.

Recreating the epic panoramas of the Western in Hackney
Marshes, the Thames Gateway and Essex, on landfills,
wastelands and gravel pits linked to the construction of
the 2012 Olympic Park, the film allegorizes the shifting
and shrinking space for collective social and political
agency, self-determination and dissent in an urban reality
increasingly dominated by volatile financial speculations,
private interests and the spectre of the Olympic gold

Working with a large cast of actors and non-actors (many
of whom are themselves residents of East London), the film
explores the compromises and ordeals of a population
facing this new order. Many of the film's verbal exchanges
are rooted both in historic sources and the collective
experiences of the players and filmmakers (linked in many
cases through political activism and friendship), opening
up a discursive field in which past and present are held
in an uneasy suspension.


Cities as Battlespace: the new military urbanism

Professor Stephen Graham, University of Durham, will be
speaking on the role of cities within the war on terror.

Wednesday 29th October 3pm

Room 5.10.
Department of Geography and Sociology
University of Strathclyde
Graham Hills Building, 50 Richmond Street
Glasgow G1 1XN

Part of the seminar series at the Department of Geography
and Sociology, University of Strathclyde.



"Our relationship to the built environment is perhaps the
most crucial element to the quality of community life."

1.00-5.00pm Saturday 1 November
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
7.00-9.30pm Sunday 2 November
The Forum - ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7

Free discussions bringing together representatives of
community & activist groups - including local groups from
Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester - to share their
experiences of community-based engagement in the planning
processes of urban regeneration and the built environment.

A strong dimension connecting the diverse groups is their
shared concerns for community video as a basis for
connecting people.
Mark Saunders The Spectacle, Martin Slavin Games Monitor,
Nick Durie Glasgow Residents Network, Carl Taylor Hackney
Independent, Libby Porter Planners Network UK, Neil Gray
Variant, Jonathon Atkinson Open Manchester, Anthony Iles

Organised by Variant collective