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Leaked IOC Beijing Media Kit

German public service broadcaster Südwestrundfunk recently obtained this 48-page IOC media kit for Beijing 2008 (or 'One-Year-to-Go Countdown Resource'). Marked CONFIDENTIAL – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY, it offers an intriguing insight into the way the IOC views itself and its relations with the media, governments and NGOs and protest groups.

Material includes a statement of what the IOC thinks its role is, Basic Communications Guidelines ("The IOC is under no obligation to provide more information than is necessary in responding to media or other group’s questions") and an extensive FAQ providing responses to potential interview questions on controversial topics. The section on NGOs and campaign groups, such as Amnesty International and Free Tibet, catalogues their areas of focus and planned campaign activities.

The 'Risk Areas' section summarises problem areas, such as Environmental Quality and Corruption, that the IOC has identified, and its policy viewpoint.

There are some wonderfully enigmatic phrases - "The Olympic Movement shines a spotlight without discriminating on what it illuminates". Repeated claims that it is "better to open the door to China rather than to leave it closed" are unfortunate given that the Olympics is making it harder to get into China now than for many years (Chinese visa policy threatens Olympic tourism)

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