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Olympic Industry Resistance

Olympic Industry Resistance provides a critical update of Olympic issues in the post-bribery and post-September 11 era, as well as documenting the work of Olympic watchdog groups. It presents a detailed examination of the Olympic aftermath in Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney, and provides analyses of Olympic impacts and community resistance in Salt Lake City, Athens, Vancouver, and London, as well as in the unsuccessful bid cities of New York and Toronto.

Helen Lenskyj also tackles two new issues – Olympic education and athlete/role model rhetoric – in order to understand mechanisms used in the socialization of children and youth that lead them to think uncritically about sport and the Olympics. She demonstrates how assumptions about the positive relationship between children and adolescents, on the one hand, and sport and sporting role models, on the other, are firmly entrenched in schools and communities in most western countries, thanks to so-called Olympic education.

J. David Hulchanski
Director, Centre for Urban & Community Studies, Cities Centre
Professor, Housing & Community Development, Faculty of Social Work
University of Toronto

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