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'Secrets in the Blood' coming to the Beijing Olympics ?

In the run up to the Beijing Olympics, Matt McGrath sets out to expose corruption, drug use and cover-ups at the highest levels in sport. BBC World Service Investigation

Part 1 - Testing Times

In the first part of this investigation, Matt hears claims that chaos is reigning in the world's anti-doping systems ahead of the Beijing games. With 10,000 athletes set to compete in next month's event, more than 4,500 drug tests will be carried out, that's the highest number ever to be tested at a sporting event.

However, according to one expert, there are hundreds of suspicious samples lying around in anti-doping laboratories which they are unwilling or unable to declare positive.

Part 1 Testing Times

Part 2 - Cycling

For many people cycle racing has become a dirty sport, its athletes have been accused of being systematically fuelled by performance enhancing drug.

Despite the years of scandals and the promise of reform in cycling, some observers believe that doping and money are still corroding this most damaged of sports and tainting the Olympics themselves.

In the second part of this investigation, Matt investigates cycling's sordid history of drug abuse.

Documents given to him indicate that the scale and organisation of doping in the sport has reached crisis levels.

Part 2 Cycling

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