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Film about Roma 'Uprooted' for Athens 2004

Prokopis NikolauProkopis Nikolau"Uprooted" recounts the experiences of a group of Roma or "Gypsy" families whose homes are demolished in order to make room for a parking lot for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Their struggle to find housing, to extract the subsidies that they were promised from the local municipality, and to rebuild their lives represents a humble battle against racism and poverty.

The main character of the film is Prokopis Nikolau, a dynamic character who has become the de-facto leader of this group of about 40 families.

He and the others in the settlement, a deeply intertwined circle of family and friends, have lived in this village, built with their own hands, for over forty years. But the Olympics are coming to Athens, and the city is one big construction site. The place where Prokopis Nikolau and his family have lived peacefully for decades is now at the epicenter of the chaos.

Their settlement is in the Athenian suburb of Marousi, adjacent to the Main Olympic Complex, and they have been informed that their homes will be demolished in order to make room for a parking lot. The municipality has promised the families unprecedented rent subsidies in exchange for vacating the land. But even in the first months of the agreement, the municipality falters. The families have to fight for their contractual right, both at the mayor's door and in the courthouse.

Film available from: Panoramatos

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