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London Olympics will lead UK's bouyant CCTV market growth to 2012

A new report predicts that the value of the UK CCTV market will increase by 10 per cent by 2012, with the London Olympics leading the growth. And equipment sales are anticipated to reach over £450m in the same period.

MBD's 'UK CCTV Market Development Report' says that demand for digital and networked systems is expected to continue to be buoyant, although prices are anticipated to fall in these areas. Other sectors with strong growth potential include remote monitoring services, rapid deployment cameras and alarm activated systems, according to the MBD report.

"Anticipated output growth in a number of non-residential construction sectors is also expected to provide a positive impetus for the CCTV market," the report says. "However, intense price competition and increased import penetration from low cost manufacturers at the lower end of the market are expected to continue to be features of the CCTV market.

"The proportional importance of maintenance to the overall CCTV market is expected to remain relatively stable at around 19 per cent. Stronger growth is expected to be hindered by the rising popularity of IP-enabled CCTV systems, which tend to have lower maintenance costs."

The report said the UK market for CCTV, including sales and rental income, was expected to reach £1146m by the end of 2007, equivalent to four percent nominal growth in the year.

From: More growth predicted for UK's bouyant CCTV market, Info4security, 30 Dec 07

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