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Blowing Vancover's Budget

An Olympic watchdog group is calling for another Referendum on the 2010 Games, saying organizers are racking up their broken promises.

Dr. Chris Shaw with 2010 Watch says the Vancouver Organizing Committee has let down taxpayers financially and environmentally, "The fact that we're three and a half years out and that so much has fallen off the rails already there has to be a very serious alarm going off and a wake up call and I think that's exactly what the Auditor General tried to do when he issued his report several weeks ago, is point out that the costs are vastly more than British Columbians were led to believe."

Shaw says it's time for VANOC and the Government to start taking steps toward keeping their promises, not wait years down the road when it's too late. VANOC's Renee Smith-Valade admits there are some inflationary costs that can't be controlled which is why their plans are under constant revision. Smith-Valade worked on the Calgary Games for five years and says that city faced the same kind of criticism. She says as the event got closer and training began, the critics faded away, which she believes will be the case here.

From; 2010 Watch wants Province-wide Olympic Referendum, Sep, 27 2006, Vancouver/CKNW(AM980)

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