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U-turn over East End's last parking 'oasis'

TRAFFIC chiefs are set to make a U-turn and scrap draconian plans for new parking controls near the 2012 London Olympics site. Tower Hamlets council is poised to drop proposals for a full-scale parking clampdown in the 'Fish Island' neighbourhood of Old Ford.

The authority's Cabinet decided in June to introduce double yellow lines and residents' parking permit in the East End's last 'oasis' of free parking. But an outcry from families and businesses has now forced the Town Hall to reconsider. The council had insisted controls were needed because of an expected surge in workers' cars at the Olympics construction site, less than half-a-mile away on the other side of the River Lea.

It has now realised construction does not get under way for another three years. They have also accepted arguments that their £525 annual business parking permits are too expensive for many working in the area. Council officers have also agreed with claims from families in Wick Lane that public transport is so poor they have to rely on cars and acknowledge bus services in the area are "sub-standard."

The officers are recommending to the authority's cabinet on Wednesday (Nov-7) that parking bays already laid out in the area should remain free at least till 2009. However, single yellow line restrictions from 8.30am to 5.30pm on weekdays is being introduced along the busy Wick Lane.

From: U-turn over East End's last parking 'oasis', Ted Jeory, East London Advertiser, 02 November 2007

Source: East London Advertiser