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'The Olympic Cash Machine' on Channel 4

For the past six months, Dispatches has been investigating the London 2012 Olympics. Undertaking a forensic examination of who the real winners and losers are likely to be as a result of hosting the Games, reporter Antony Barnett reveals that, for a lucky few, the personal financial benefits could be huge.

And with ministers finally forced to admit that the cost of the Games has spiralled to more than £9 billion, Dispatches features key interviews and previously unseen documents to reveal, for the first time, the explosive facts about the Olympics the Government never wanted parliament or the public to know.

See more at The Olympic Cash Machine

This programme is available to view on your computer via the Channel 4 service called ‘Channel 4 Films on Demand (4oD)’.

The software to do this is downloadable from: 4oD

When you have registered with 4oD you will find this Despatches programme viewable under the 'Free for 30 days’ list.

A report about part of this programme titled ‘London Olympics hit by 'fat cat' salary row as running costs spiral’ was published on Tuesday 11.09.2007 by the Evening Standard’s 'This is London’ website

The cost escalation aspect of the programme is briefly covered by the Guardian in their story 'Olympic budget under fire again'

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