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We're Being Robbed

An attempt to use women's football to railroad through a British men's team for future Olympic games has been condemned as "bizarre". The Scottish Football Association has held out against demands for a British Olympic team because, like its Welsh counterparts, it fears the precedent could result in the loss of a separate team in other competitions. There has been pressure from England, backed by the Prime Minister, for the creation of a UK football team.

The SNP's Stewart Maxwell yesterday condemned the proposals. He said: "The BOA's high-handed attitude is deplorable. BOA's actions could endanger the future of the Scottish football team and result in Scotland losing the right to have its own national team. The First Minister must stand up for Scotland, stand up to his London masters and support the SFA in their efforts to protect our national team."

The SFA said yesterday: "English women have scraped into the World Cup finals and, if they finish among the top three European teams, could qualify as Britain for the Olympics, but that goes against all the principles of representing your country and is a bizarre concept."

Tam Ferry, spokesman for the Association of Tartan Army clubs, said: "The real fans of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not wish to be footballs in this political stunt."

Scots send Olympians homeward, Robbie Dinwoodie, (Glasgow) Herald, October 04 2006

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