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Hurricane flattens Birmingham (shurely shome mishtake – Ed)

Tuesday 5th April saw a hurricane tear through the Midlands city of Birmingham. Aid teams rushed to the stricken city and surrounding towns where 1.4 million residents have lost their homes. I watched in horror… (stop there. I’ve checked, Birmingham’s still standing. What’s going on? This is a website about the Olympics – Ed)

Sorry about that, second draft

Earthquake destroys city in China

A city in China larger than Birmingham was destroyed by an earthquake. I.4 million people have lost their homes in a national catastrophe which has left the Chinese people in mourning. Aid agencies are planning a major fund raising campaign to help the unfortunate victims. I watched in horror… (what’s going on? There haven’t been any earthquakes in China. Get it right or you’re fired – Ed)

Sorry about that, third draft

Beijing celebrates eviction of 1.4 million residents

With 500 hundred days to go before the Beijing Olympics the government of China, the IOC and the world’s media celebrated the eviction of 1.4 million people from their homes to make way for the Games, a catastrophe to match the worst natural disaster in recent times. No aid agencies are reported to have gone to the city to assist those who have lost their homes. I watched as a number of families were forcibly removed from their impoverished homes and the police beat up several old men who protested. A number of them were arrested and… (what is this about? 500 days to go before the greatest show on earth. Get real! This is your last chance – Ed)

Thanks a million. I’ll do my best

500 hundred days to go!

The people of China and the world’s media celebrated as Beijing reached the 500 day milestone to the next Olympic Games in 2008. Jacques Rogge of the IOC declared he was proud to see how Beijing had completed the necessary preparations for the Games and that he was sure Beijing would be the best Games ever. I watched as a mass display… (much better – Ed)

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