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The River Lea is being impounded

A group of interested people from the Hackney Marsh Users group have been in contact with British Waterways recently to find out what their plans are to impound the tidal stretches of the River Lea.

Leela O'Dea of British Waterways wrote to Annie Chipchase of HMUG on 11th Jan this year saying:
"I have attached a plan of where the construction works will be taking place. On the Three Mills Wall River this would be a weir and integrated fish passage, on the Prescott Channel it will be a lock to the left side of the channel and a series of wiers with a fish pass to the right of the lock. The timing of the work would be from early this year (March?) we still can not confirm that all of the funding is in place and that this project will be going ahead."

Eight days later British Waterways produced a letter saying that work would commence on February 21st 2007. I discovered a copy of this letter inside a waterproof display affixed to a railing near Prescott Channel. I found it because I happened to go on a conducted walk on Saturday 17th Feb of the area led by the Hostellers Sailing Club.

This was the first indication that any of us had that 'the funding' had miraculously appeared.

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A poster announcing British Waterways exhibition of their plans can be downloaded from the first attachment.
The second attachment shows a map of the intended works.
Subsequent PCW pdf's show details from the first map.

PCW exhib poster.pdf567.41 KB
PCW 1.pdf648.59 KB
PCW 2.pdf599.88 KB
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PCW 5.pdf543.26 KB
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