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Clocking escalating costs

A recent e-mail dialogue from 2010WATCH in Vancouver:

Ian Gregson from wrote:

Protest Against Olympic ‘Countdown Clock’
Monday Feb.12th @ 12 Noon Vancouver Art Gallery

On Monday February 12th, VANOC (Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee) will begin a 3-year ë-countdown clock to the 2010 winter Olympics. Let us stand together and show the world there is NO TIME for the Olympics!

Speakers and drummers from Secwepemc, Stíatíimc and Lilíwat, Native Youth Movement, Anti-Poverty Committee, No One Is Illegal, DERA, Wild Earth, SF-PIRG and others.

Join us in standing together to protest against homelessness, ecological destruction, corporate invasion of native lands, huge profits for corporations, massive public debt, increased police repression and all other crimes brought about by the games.

Organized by the Anti-Olympic Coalition

antiolympics@ hotmail

to which replied:

We should have our own clock, powered by human power and energy, cycle power, and it would tick off the public money being spent (and hidden) to pay for these Games...
The clock would start at $665 million, because in terms of the amount of time from when Vancouver was awarded the Games till today, that is what has been spent on average, the clock would then increase by $5 million/day or $60 per second...

In February 2010, the clock would total $6 billion!

Some electronics wizard along with some bike freaks could put this together, attached to a bike trailer it could be moved about and parked at different downtown intersections at lunchtime.

I'm sure that would attract the attention of international press...and those pedestrians who perhaps, for once, could think about how their money is being spent.

Information pamphlets and signs could show the alternatives... imagine the entire southeast corner of False Creek, the city land, could have been for social housing for various income levels and for those in true need. And still there'd been more than enough money to go to other communities in need of social housing.

The auditor general's office in New South Wales reported in his summation of the costs of hosting the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Australia, by stating that public money could have been better spent on hospitals and schools, where benefits are long term and more people benefit.

The Clock could also refer to the cost of hosting the Games and the time in which the Games take place, 16 days! One could then start the clock and show that FOR EVERY DAY the Games are here, the public spent the equivalent of $375 million. OR PER SECOND, $4300, and if the seconds are split down into 60 increments we would see the figures racing by beyond human comprehension...

...this madness truly is beyond human comprehension. How have we allowed it?

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