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Livingstone vs Caborn in stadium row

Mihir Bose,, 28/09/2006

The stadium in London's East End will have 80,000 seats for the Games, but most temporary seating will then be removed to leave a 25,000-seat facility for athletics. However, these plans have led to a huge clash between Livingstone on the one hand and Caborn and Newham Council on the other.
The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Livingstone insists the original plan — on which basis planning permission was obtained — should prevail, despite strong opposition from Caborn and Sir Robin Wales, the mayor of Newham who is a big West Ham fan and would like the club to move to the Olympic stadium after the 2012 Games.
Livingstone will not budge from the model of an 80,000-temporary seat stadium reduced to 25,000 after the Olympic Games. And the developers of Stratford City, one of the biggest office, shops and housing developments in the country, are not also keen on a football stadium in the area.
One insider told me: "Caborn will only win this argument with Ken if he can get West Ham to agree to pay £160 million to take over the new stadium. But the new owner of West Ham will have to be very rich to do that."

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