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Darling doesn't grant CPO (must be some mistake! ed)

So the Government (Alastair Darling) has given the Government (the LDA) its compulsory purchase order. No surprise there then. Indeed it would be interesting to imagine the phone conversation that would have transpired if he hadn’t.

Tony here Alastair!

Yes, Prime Minister.

What do you think you’re playing at?

Sorry Prime Minister? What….?

The CPO, damn it! You’ll be sorry Alastair!

Just trying to be fair, Prime Minister.

What’s fair got to do with it? Just say you’ve made a mistake and sign the paper on the dotted line.

I can’t do that Prime Minister.

Oh really? Jonathan’s writing your letter of resignation Darling. It’ll be on your desk shortly. ‘Bye.

Followed shortly by a Government announcement that Mr Darling has decided he needs to spend some time with his family and he is to be replaced by Peter Hain, who overrules his decision on the grounds that the Olympics are vital to promoting cultural and religious tolerance and world peace as part of the war on terror.