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Open Olympic Forum

4 Dec 2006 - 19:30

Where: Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street, E17.
First turning, up Hoe Street from Lea Bridge Road, on the left on the corner of Bakers Avenue.

Concerned about the financial cost and negative development plans for London 2012? Feel strongly that 2012 will be damaging to you, your community or the environment? If so, you should know that last month a number of like-minded people met up in Hackney, with the express aim of supporting each other and developing ways to challenge the negative Olympic effect. It was a very positive meeting, so we decided to organise a second one, only this time in a different Olympic borough..

Issues that were of concern at the last meeting included:

  • Loss of common land, cultivated land (allotments), outdoor spaces and parks
  • Destruction and disruption of local businesses
  • Eviction of traveller communities
  • Speculation on housing, rising costs, stock transfer schemes
  • City-wide inflation & extra taxation
  • Destruction of environment and existing local ecology
  • Poor wages and working conditions for site workers
  • Amateur sports disrupted in favour of professional sport and entertainment
  • Intensification of traffic, pressure on transport system

Instead of being officially "consulted" [in a top-down way] with planners and politicians setting the agenda, we want to explore common ground and discover together what our independent and collective responses to 2012 should be. We think it's important that each issue of concern is addressed in an open, democratic manner by all interested parties and then acted upon.

We hope to see you on Monday the 4th !