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Hackney Independent - calling all Activists and Campaigns

12 Dec 2006 - 19:30

Where: St Michael's Church Hall, Lansdowne Drive, London Fields, Hackney E8

Hackney Independent is organising a meeting to bring together people, activists and campaigns in Hackney who we see as fighting lone battles and being picked off one by one by the council.

The meeting is aimed at:

  • Individuals who have just had enough, tenants groups demanding better housing and a stop to the process of selling off their estates
  • Campaigners for environmental issues - from those opposing the olympic land grab, to those opposing the sell-off of green space on estates, to those who just want to improve their environment
  • People are concerned about their kids' schools being turned into city academies, or who wish to fight for better youth facilities
  • Those who believe that gentrification is impacting badly on working class communities, those who believe that council and government policies are creating fragmented and increasingly violent communities
  • and more...

We believe that while we face a continuous series of attacks from the council on a whole series of issues, that they are only getting away with it because of the uncoordination and demoralisation of the opposition.

We would like to stress that we have no set agenda for this first meeting, except that we believe it's a good idea to aim for a one day conference in late January which would be much larger, and more widely publicised.

It is true that a similar attempt was made in 2000/1 in the midst of the council cuts campign under the title of Hackney Fightback. That attempt was destroyed by sectarianism - this must not happen again! We all have our own ideas of what is best, but it is essential that we create something that will oppose the council's strategy in Hackney and that we do not allow ourselves to be derailed again.

Please contact Hackney Independent for more details and to let us know if you will be attending.