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Tokyo2020 protests continue against eviction of homeless from Meiji Park

The protests against the eviction of homeless people from Meiji Park for the Tokyo2020 Olympics continue without any reports in the mainstream media outside Japan. It is hard to say how much is being reported in Japan. As of today the protests which started on 27th January 2016 are in their fourteenth day. Below are tweets from @noolympicsevict now telling the story in English.

@noolympicevict 2h2 hours ago
27th January,Japan Sport Council attempted to evict homeless people from Meiji Park under the name of the Olympics, but we won the struggle!

?@noolympicevict 2h2 hours ago
More than 200 officers including 20 JSC staff, 80 private security guards, 100 policemen, 30 security police came to evict homeless people.

@noolympicevict 2h2 hours ago
Brutal act! They set a barricade to block the pathway daily used by homeless ppl by means of a crane over our head!

@noolympicevict 2h2 hours ago
This is not what the Olympics related business contractee should do. We will keep on making a penetrating inquiry on their illegal actions.

@noolympicevict 2h2 hours ago
JSC staff & private security guards & policemen blocked the park entrance when our supporters rushed to the park.

Tokyo2020 authorities use crane to block pathTokyo2020 authorities use crane to block path

Tokyo2020 security staff in Meiji ParkTokyo2020 security staff in Meiji Park

@noolympicevict 1h1 hour ago
Though we r small in number in the morning, we fought against Olympis eviction without flinching. Strength in unity.

Tokyo2020 protest against eviction of homeless peopleTokyo2020 protest against eviction of homeless people

@noolympicevict 57m57 minutes ago
Taro Yamamoto a Diet member also rushed to the park. He submitted an inquiry, which reportedly made JSC panic.

@noolympicevict 47m47 minutes ago
Some of us held hard onto the barricade that blocked our daily pathway and tried to stop their eviction work.

Tokyo2020 protesters hold onto barricadeTokyo2020 protesters hold onto barricade

@noolympicevict 36m36 minutes ago
We pulled the barricade out of the pathway and shattered Olympics eviction blockage.

Tokyo2020 protesters pull barrier awayTokyo2020 protesters pull barrier away

@noolympicevict 18m18 minutes ago
This is the Headquarters of struggle to protest eviction. Feel free to drink a cup of tea when u come to Meiji Park.

Tokyo2020 noolympicevictions HQTokyo2020 noolympicevictions HQ

Tokyo Diet Member attends Tokyo2020 protestTokyo Diet Member attends Tokyo2020 protest

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