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An equestrian return at Greenwich?

Was this an attempt to get a further equestrian event held at Greenwich following London2012? On 5th December 2015 Greenwich Council applied to itself for a licence to hold events on the Circus Field in Blackheath, see attachment. Among the events that could be held, under Section 5, were 'Tournaments, competitions and sporting displays'.

A local free paper, The Greenwich Visitor, tweeted the progress of the application, suggesting the Council had attempted to smuggle it through by providing as little public information or notice as possible. Indeed, as with many other sensitive applications, it was posted over the Christmas period when people tend to have things on their minds other than writing letters of objection to planning applications.

Greenwich VisitorGreenwich Visitor

Greenwich Visitor ?@GreenwichVisitr Jan 5
News too that @RoyalGreenwich is asking ITSELF for a licence for 60 shows a year for up to 4,999 people on protected #Circus Field on #Heath

Greenwich Visitor ?@GreenwichVisitr Jan 5
Small public notice in @RoyalGreenwich’s own paper P23 Dec 5
No press release
No story in paper YOU pay for
Letters to residents bungled...

Greenwich Visitor ?@GreenwichVisitr Jan 5 deadline to object to 60 shows on #CircusField is only two weeks away on Jan 18.
@WestcombeSoc is opposing historic change
See P1 & 6

However, the residents of Greenwich and Blackheath were quick to respond. The proposal attracted immediate opposition from a local residents' group The Westcombe Society. The possibility of more horse riding events at Greenwich did not seem to have occurred to these objectors. In fact the application did not refer to horse riding of any kind and the sporting events were supposed to happen inside a tent or marquee. Most of the application concerned music and other entertainment events.

The first intimation that equestrianism might be part of this proposal was raised by an enquiry by a journalist who asked how local people would respond to 'an arena-only equestrian event and "only for a weekend"'. This was, of course, met with derision in a certain quarter! The argument about the prolonged loss of access to the open space and the damage done to Greenwich Park by London2012 was reopened.

Whatever the purpose of the application it seems Greenwich Council has decided discretion is the better part of valour and has withdrawn the application...

Greenwich Visitor ?@GreenwichVisitr Jan 18
Just heard @Royal_Greenwich licensing application for #CircusField #Blackheath has been withdrawn...

...for now!

blackheath_circus_field_premises_licence.pdf570.53 KB

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