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Displacement of Private Tenants

Probable impacts of the Lower Lea Valley Developments (particularly the Olympics phase) on tenants in privately rented accommodation.

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  1. Previous Olympic Games developments have produced a 'gentrification' effect on the housing market in areas surrounding the Games locations.
  2. This is caused by the anticipated and actual improvements to those areas arising from massive infrastructural investments.
  3. The most vulnerable sector of the local populations who have suffered negative impacts on their housing in other Olympic cities are the poor with insecure tenure on their homes.
    These impacts will include:

    • On-site impacts
    • Post-announcement speculative impacts.
    • Pre-event labour and tourist accommodation supply impacts
    • Post event impacts
  4. In East London it is those who live, often in overcrowded privately-rented accommodation under short let tenancies, who are the most vulnerable. With rents rising in a boom market they are likely to experience rent increases above the average for London and/or be given notice by landlords seeking to profit from property values rising faster than regional rates. This is a population which already has an annual ‘churn rate' of 40%.
  5. Although the London Development Agency and the four Olympic Boroughs are committed to building up to 42,200 affordable homes in the region up to 2016, the provision of suitable new affordable homes in the region is unlikely to keep pace with the displacement of private rental tenants.
  6. I am not aware of the LDA having in place policies to monitor or ameliorate the effects of this gentrification during the planning and construction phases of the Olympic developments in East London before the construction of an adequate supply of affordable housing is available.
  7. This possibility of the displacement of poorer privately-renting tenants needs to be properly evaluated and addressed at the earliest opportunity to avoid us all becoming spectators of the downward pressure on the local underclass which has occurred in Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta and Barcelona.

To read further on these themes see the Habitat International Coalition website at London Olympic Housing Impacts

For a fuller description of these negative impacts download the PDF attachment below

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Olympic Displacements of Private Renting tenants Jan 2011.pdf212.98 KB

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