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The Genocide Games - Circassians protest in London against Sochi2014

Circassians protest outside Russia's London EmbassyCircassians protest outside Russia's London Embassy

A group from London's small Circassian community protested outside Russia's London Embassy as the Sochi2014 Winter Olympics got under way on the 150th anniversary
of the genocide perpetrated against their nation by the Russian Empire.

Sochi was the capital of Circassia and the Olympic site is built on the graves of those who were slaughtered. The vast majority of Circassians now live in exile, mostly in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East. There have been large protests in Turkey and Jordan with smaller protests in Germany, in Munich, and in the United States. Of all the diaspora the Circassians of Syria find themselves in the greatest danger as they are caught between the competing factions in the civil war and it has been a particular demand of protesters that Russia should repatriate them.

The NoSochi2014 website
has been targeted by hackers, presumably Russian, and has been forced off the internet. Along with protesters in other parts of Russia Circassians in Nalchik, the capital of the southern Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, were arrested when they organised a protest convoy.

The demonstration ended with the handing in of a letter which made 10 demands of the Russian Government. These included recognition by the Russian Government of the genocide against the Circassian people, measures to enable Circassian exiles to settle in their homeland, official status for the Circassian language, help with finding jobs for Circassian refugees and local people and a willingness to talk to all the different groups of Circassians, including those radicalised by the struggle.

Atrocities committed against Circassians at the end of the warAtrocities committed against Circassians at the end of the war

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