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Relocation double standards

Readers will be glad to know that Great Creasted Newts are being granted a six month consultation period and, presumably, a carefully supervised relocation. Residents at Clays Lane don't even have the protection of a relocation strategy.

Taken from the Eastway Cycle Track website:

Eastway Cycle Circuit
Hog Hill - Planning Application

The planning appication for the new cycle circuit at Hog Hill in the London borough of Redbridge was submitted on 3 November 2006.

Hog Hill Cycle Circuit Planning Application

When will planning permission be granted?

The LDA anticipates a resolution to grant planning permission in early 2007.

When will work start on site?
In addition to the planning permission resolution, before work can commence on the site we will need to complete the statutory survey of Great Crested Newts at Hog Hill to obtain a licence for construction. We expect to complete this survey by mid-May 2007 and to be on-site in June next year but this depends on how long it takes to be granted the licence.

see: Hog Hill planning application