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Press Release: Appeal for Information Relating to Health Impacts of Work on Contaminated Olympic Land

My colleagues and I have been have been reporting and researching the issue of contamination in the London Olympic Park.  We have received information which indicates that there may be health implications for some workers and local residents who have come into contact with this contamination.

The contamination originates from the site's more than century long history as a base and dumping ground for various noxious industries.

Preparation for the Olympic Park included the excavation of almost the entire 2.5 square kilometer site.  During these excavation works there were numerous complaints about dust originating from the contaminated site. 

We gathering information about any health issues that may have been caused by dust originating from the Olympic Park excavations and soil washing operations etc. 

We ask anyone with information regarding working practices on the site, and anyone with information concerning the health of persons who worked, lived, or spent time in the area during the excavation work to contact us in confidence on:
All information received will be treated as confidential.

The Games are over and the Olympic Park is being remodeled.  More excavation work is being carried out.  This may pose a further risk to health.

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