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the wrong kind of journalism

Tis the season to be jolly and publish utter bullshit about legacies it seems, it being one year on.

Emily Dugan provides an excellent example for The Independent, notably this one-liner

The Olympics brought more than £9bn of investment to east London, much of which went into transport.


Screengrab from Guardian infographic on London 2012 budget: source from Guardian infographic on London 2012 budget: source

Not being an accountant, I'd be inclined to subtract that figure of £465million for other transport operating expenditure as likely not being investment in infrastructure legacy, leaving a grand total of £429million? Were Emily to have included such figures it could be a matter of mere semantics whether £429million represents "much" of "more than £9bn of investment" (lets kindly assume she's referring to the official budget here, just this week revised down from £9.3Billion to £8.77Billion?).
We're informed in her following two paragraphs that

Stratford is now second only to King’s Cross as the most connected part of London.
As well as two Underground lines, a high-speed “javelin” train to King’s Cross and the Docklands Light Railway, it may soon be a stop-off for the Eurostar to Paris.

Its almost as if the good Emily is contriving to suggest to the gullible reader that all those things emerge as legacy?
This of course exercises Julian on Twitter:

Sporting as ever, Julian then goes on to offer some clarifcations to some of Emily's other ambiguities in the piece

Did the Games succeed in rejuvenating East London? That was the title Emily has to set up her piece. A question in response, are her own answers derailing?

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