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LDA keeps its word! Open space at Eastway to close.

The LDA acknowledged there would be a loss of open space during the construction of the Olympic Park. I received the following information after several enquiries.

Dear Mr Cheyne,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Eastway Cycle Circuit.

Eastway will be closed from 13th November. This is to enable us to start work to prepare the site ahead of development taking place. The preparatory works do not require planning permission and does not therefore contravene any planning regulations. There will be no public access to the circuit from this time although the cycle and pedestrian path between Temple Mill Lane and Quartermile Lane will remain open until next year. In the mean time, the circuit itself is being re-located to Hog Hill in Redbridge, where work is due to start very soon.

I hope that this information is useful.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Turner

Public Affairs Officer (Interim)

Even though the Clays Lane estate is adjacent to the Cycle Track and residents use the open space to walk on we have received no information about what is to happen there.

Apparently work on the replacement Cycle Track at Hog Hill has not yet started.

This is a major piece of open space which is now to be removed from public use.