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Olympics jobs: treat with caution - again

A few weeks ago the Olympics were being hailed for creating lots of temporary jobs over the past six months, 100,000 of them supposedly in the last quarter and possibly up to 65,000 or so in the previous March to May period. Now the 'Olympics effect' has apparently worn off, as the Standard informs us in an article headlined 'Thousands sign on as Olympic jobs boom ends'.

Actually this is all rather confused. The Standard confidently repeats the assertion that around 100,000 jobs were created by the Olympics, out of a total of 100,000 jobs that were created during that quarter. It notes that 49,000 young people became employed in the last quarter, exactly the same as the total drop in the number of unemployed during the whole quarter. However, there was a rise in JSA claimants of 10,100 of which around almost 3,000 were in London.

If it really was the case that somewhere around 165,000 jobs were created by the Olympics and that surge has now retreated with the end of the Games then presumably the rise in the jobless total would be of a similar size. As the Standard points out 'The Paralympic closing ceremony was in early September' which presumably would be the point at which the layoffs would have begun. So if the original figures were correct and up to 165,000 were taken on for the Olympics since March, given that unemployment as a whole has fallen and only 10.100 have signed on then possibly as many as 155,000 of those taken on for temporary work during the summer for the Olympics are still employed by the Olympics!

What on earth are they all doing?

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