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Multi-storey parkland? The amazing inflating Olympic Park

The mythical size of the 'Queen Elizabeth' Olympic 'Park' has entered a whole new dimension of hyperbole on the London Legacy Development Corporation's new marketing website

This certainly is No Ordinary Park - it has now gained Tardis-like capabilities and features considerably more 'open space' than the entire area of the site, despite being a park only in name and in reality being a 'whole new piece of the city'.

In its list of 'Facts' about the park, the home page boasts

"357 Football pitches of landscaped open space"

Football pitches are very variable in size - anything from 90m to 120m long and from 45m to 90m wide (BBC Sport - Football pitch dimensions) - with an area of anything between 0.405 ha and 1.08 hectares.

This makes them pretty useless for defining the size of anything.

However, undeterred by such quibbles, the LLDC seem to have adopted a 'football pitch' measure of area as equivalent to 0.7 ha - as this LLDC press release about the plans for the South Plaza claims 11.3 ha is equivalent to 16 football pitches.

So, on this basis we can apparently now rejoice in the prospect of an expansive 252 hectares of 'landscaped open space' - 357 times 0.7 .

But as the total area of the LLDC Olympic Park is around 200 ha - a figure repeatedly quoted over many years - and at least half of it will be covered with buildings, roads, waterways and suchlike, this is truly a miracle of ingenuity.