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Less affordable housing on Olympic Park?

It seems 'affordable' housing on the Olympic Park has taken another hit. According to Greg Rosenberg, who was speaking at the East London Community Land Trust AGM, the present target of 35% is to be reduced to 28%. Greg was giving a lecture on CLTs, with particular reference to Troy Gardens, a project he was involved with in Madison, Wisconsin. This was mentioned when he and some others from the East London Community Land Trust had a meeting with the Mayor's London Legacy Development Corporation to discuss the possibility of a land trust at Chobham Manor, formerly known as Clays Lane.

Greg was surprised when I told him I had been living on the Olympic Park and that 5000 jobs, two estates, two travellers' communities and a range of other groups had been removed. He said the LLDC had told him there was nothing there apart from some community gardens, which I took to mean the Manor Gardens Allotments.

Nevertheless he seemed quite hopeful that some kind of CLT might be possible at Chobham Manor, although he was concerned that it would be more land trust than community in its construction.

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