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The Corporate Games!

Following the awarding of the Greenwash Gold Medal to Rio Tinto at a ceremony in Trafalgar Square when custard was poured over 'representatives' of the the three nominated companies, Rio Tinto, BP and Dow Chemical, who were then arrested by over-zealous police, War on Want organised the Adidas Exploitation Not Ok Anywhere Price Tags...

War on Want exploitation price tagsWar on Want exploitation price tags

Then there were the War on Want Adidas Exploitation Games outside Adidas' Oxford Street store...

Adidas Exploitation GamesAdidas Exploitation Games

Next came the War on Want Adidas Exploitation Not Ok Anywhere projection (also in video) onto the tower block hosting the BBC Olympics Studio at the to be demolished after the Olympics Carpenters Road Estate.

Adidas Exploitation Not Ok Anywhere ProjectionAdidas Exploitation Not Ok Anywhere Projection

These were followed by the London Late Big Money Games spoo£ newspaper poking fun at BP, Rio Tinto, G4S, Adidas and Dow jointly produced by UK Tar Sands Network, Bhopal Medical Appeal, War on Want, Platform and the London Mining Network...

London Late - The Big Money Games - Spoof NewspaperLondon Late - The Big Money Games - Spoof Newspaper

Drop Dow Now organised a number of protests in London including a Die-In at the Olympic Park on 27th July and a Wake up Call for Dow on August 10th while in Bhopal a Special Olympics was held on July 26th for around 80 children disabled because of the Bhopal disaster for which Dow refuses to take any further responsibility...

Bhopal Special OlympicsBhopal Special Olympics

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