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Control to Police - journalist alert! journalist alert!

It's a daily occurrence at Draper's Field. Once again the police, this time two very pleasant officers from Glasgow, came to check out an Italian camera crew. We were on the pavement so entirely on public ground. It made no difference! So you can sit on a wall, be on the path inside the perimeter of Draper's Field or on the public pavement outside it, filming or just voice recording, but you will still be stopped. You can even have all the necessary accreditation but they will still come and ask what you are doing. The security guards don't get involved any more after multiple confrontations and being told it's none of their business. Their guy in the control room just calls the police.

Once again the idea seems to have got into these people's heads that it is our intention to climb into the facility! After pointing out that I had no implements of any kind on me one of the officers said 'So you're not planning to climb in then?' I pointed to the 5000 volt electric fence and suggested this might not be a very good idea. If I really wanted to do that would I be hanging around with a film crew for all to see in front of any number of CCTV cameras? As the cameraman pointed out later he could buy a small high definition camera which would provide better quality pictures than his sophisticated video camera and take pictures without anyone knowing he was doing it. Anyway he was happy, said he had some great footage of me arguing with the police about freedom of expression! The cops are back to Glasgow tomorrow.

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