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Police Press on for Security Olympics gold in Leyton

Yet again filming in Leyton was interrupted by two police officers, who told us they had been sent by a supervisor to tell us to move off the pathway on the private land that is Draper's Field, a path paid for by the residents of Waltham Forest and open to members of the public to walk up and down on. We were instructed to move onto the pavement which would have caused an obstruction, there was no obstruction where we were, and we ended up on the grass embankment which was of course part of the private Draper's Field. The police just gave up. The sheer stupidity of this operation resulted in footage of intrusive and objectionable security. The Dutch journalist took to filming the array of security cameras which festoon the electrified fence.

A similar but more bizarre encounter occurred when I was sitting on a wall by the same Draper's Field being interviewed by a Canadian journalist, Bob Mackin, who had experienced security at Vancouver 2010. I was wearing a Space Hijackers Official Protester tshirt being recorded, not filmed, by Mr Mackin when two police officers appeared and, pointing to my tshirt, asked 'Is this a protest?' Mr Mackin's tape recorder was clearly visible and we were entirely sedentary so this was certainly an unexpected line of questioning. I decided information provision was the best response and told them 'No, it's an interview.' They were not convinced and continued to question us about what we were up to. I further informed them that the protest was due to happen a little later on Saturday 28th at which they became quite excited and started to write down my details. Eventually they wandered off with information which was already widely available on the internet.

Mr Mackin told me he had never experienced this kind of intrusion at Vancouver 2010. A foot in the mouth gold for London.

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