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Boris does Flag Fan Dangle Thing

Perfect casting for being hoist by his own petard. It's not everybody has their own Petard. The rich fat bastards have all the fun. That's not raw talent you know. They have the breeding you see. And the fagging. That and centuries of de Feffling about on a wet Saturday indoors with the croquet mallets.

I bet there are Vietnamese 9 year olds even now churning out hundreds of little Boris Dangle Dollies in hideous sweat shops in the back streets of Nang Fleng. It'll become the unofficial Lympdics mascot before you can say closing ceremony. But they'll never get 'em through customs. The Boredom Agency will get a stop and search warrant on 'em. £5,000 pound fine for smuggling them in. You can't win. Just like in the Lympdics.

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