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Basketball Athlete, Carl Miller, Supports Leyton Marsh Children

Following the refusal of the ODA to fulfil its promise of an open day for children from the Leyton Marsh community as punishment (recording 1.21mins) because the community dared to protest against its behaviour Carl Miller, British Olympic basketball athlete, who performed in the 1988 and 1992 Games, has stepped in to do what the mean spirited ODA has failed to do. On Monday 23rd July he will play street basketball with local children and young people! Save Leyton Marsh write on their blog

He agrees with us that local young people should have an open day at the basketball facility and that the ODA should improve local basketball facilities for lasting legacy for the area.

They urge young people:

COME ALONG FOR SOME STREET BASKETBALL AND INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS especially young people from Hackney and Leyton who can show off their talent and demand some positive legacy from the Games.

It is great to see an athlete standing alongside a local community which has experienced prolonged bullying by the authorities. Fortunately the LDA disappeared a while ago and the days of the ODA are numbered. Neither will be missed, they leave a legacy of mistrust, bitterness and anger behind them. It is an indication of their failure that they lack any understanding of the damage they have done. We will have to see whether their successor can manage to make a better job of reaching out to its neighbours.

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