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Beijing Pensioners protest

Olympic organisers in China will be judged on more than their buildings in the run up to the Olympics. The stadium will be finished next year, and the construction of other Olympic facilities is also on schedule.

Lindsey Hilsum, of Channel 4 News, reports on retired academics being roughly handled by Beijing Police when protesting about the site for a huge electrical substation for the Olympics being excavated within feet of their homes. This has caused structural damage to nearby homes.

Kevin Gosper of the IOC responds in an interview by promising to raise their concerns with The Beijing Organising Committee of the OlympicGames (BOCOG).

(Although the ethical probity of Kevin Gosper and three other SOCOG board members was strongly criticised by an Australian Government enquiry for ‘management and oversight failures, lack of transparency, “carelessness”, and an absence of internal controls and safeguards, particularly in relation to the ticket inventory, thereby damaging the public’s faith in SOCOG’ in the run-up to the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

He was also heavily criticised by the Autralian media for substituting his daughter, in preference to a Greek Australian, in the first leg of the Sydney Olympic torch relay. His ‘arrogance in the face of almost universal censure for his poor judgement convinced many Australians that Olympic reforms were inadequate; Gosper just “didn’t get it.” ‘ From the Best Olympics Ever by Helen Lenskyj.)

From: Chinese pensioners protest, 24 Oct 2006, Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News

See the filmed report via: Pensioners assaulted

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