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Olympics Land Wars and Judicial Reviews

Following the recent debacle over the Circus Field Nogoe has announced that it is seeking legal advice on and preparing to seek judicial review of Greenwich Council's planning board decision of 26 January 2012.

Another judicial review about an Olympics site may be launched over the use of Leyton Marsh where Waltham Forest has given permisson for the construction of a temporary Basketball training centre. Don't Be Harsh, Save The Marsh! is discussing an action with lawyers.

Waltham Forest has also annoyed residents over plans to create a number of Olympics camp sites. Residents only got to know of the plans at two of the sites, at Ive Farm in Leyton and George Monoux College in Walthamstow, when the company hoping to run them, London Camping Company, accidentally let its booking website go live. Its boss, Noel Doyle, said the plans had been under discussion for several months and that the Council had wanted to conceal the plans from residents until after the contracts were signed.

Another deal for an Olympics camp site at Low Hall Sports Ground in Walthamstow was signed without local residents being informed or consulted.

Mr Doyle's idea of an apology was to say 'it was a genuine mistake' that the website had given the game away. At least he was prepared to make a statement. The Council, no doubt in obedience to principles of confidentiality, refuses to comment!

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