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Meanwhile; back in the real world

Parents all over British Columbia are shouting for joy. Care to know why? Well, the province is contemplating closing our schools for two weeks during the 2010 Olympics so that students will have time to feast on the Olympic spirit by becoming real participants in this life-changing event.

Imagine how ecstatic day-care operators are as they await the hordes of parents, cash in hand, lining up to arrange child care. Unfortunately, many parents will have to work during the Olympics. Not a problem, according to our political masters; just a minor inconvenience.

This will make the teachers very pleased because they won’t be blamed for inconveniencing parents by withdrawing the child-minding services that the public has come to expect in the classrooms of the province. My advice to teachers is that they shouldn’t get too smug. Given British Columbia’s history, some “taxpayer” or government official will find a way to blame them.

But we should also be thinking about parents who don’t care too much for winter, period. They and their children will be participating in the 2010 Olympics in rather more pleasant ways. Imagine this: parents huddled around a poolside bar in Mazatlan, sipping on their martinis, comfortable in the knowledge that their children are safe back in the hotel room, glued to the television, watching the 2010 Games, in Spanish.

The government will grin broadly as they look for ways to take credit for yet another educational innovation. “Can’t do too much for our kids,” they will proclaim as they proudly nail another plank into their re-election platform.

The opposition, having worn out its old rhetorical flourish “we’ve had enough and won’t take it any more,” will do everything it can to tilt the Liberal platform to the left, hoping in this way to distract the public’s attention from the tans they acquired “participating” in the Winter Olympics.

Ah, it’s so nice, as Shakespeare once wrote, that “we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Only until we are rudely awakened by the sound of an Olympic-sized tax bill thudding through the mail slot. Welcome to the real world.

From: Olympic Gold rush proves costly for parents, Allan Markin, Oct 27 2006

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