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Dow 'mistake' could be a 'disaster'

Ted Jeory, one of the few journalists to pick up on the radioactive contamination of the London Olympic Park, has reported that London 2012 is seriously concerned at the head of steam building up in India over the deal which allowed Dow to sponsor the Olympic stadium. 'Senior sources', not just 'sources', are reported as saying the deal was a 'mistake' which it seems they are finding it difficult to wriggle out of.

Calls for a boycott of the London Games led by former Olympians with connections in Bhopal have gained support from the Indian Olympic Association and a delegation of star athletes is planning to visit London. Embarrassingly for London 2012 it seems Tracey Emin and Anish Kapoor each with their own connection to London 2012 are unhappy with the Dow connection. Anish Kapoor is a major donor to the Bhopal Medical Appeal which recently issued a denunciation of Dow referring to a 'second disaster (which) is not connected to the 1984 disaster and that fact is acknowledged in the US courts. It is a major environmental catastrophe and public heath problem and, thanks to the continuing poisoning of tens of thousands of poor people is, our primary concern.'

Perhaps less significantly, Keith Vaz has put down an Early Day Motion signed by eight MPs which, after noting 'the ongoing toxic disaster at Bhopal; is saddened that a UK charity, the Bhopal Medical Appeal, reports thousands depending on contaminated water, an ill-health epidemic and widespread birth deformities' and 'urges the Government to call on LOCOG to reconsider its association with Dow Chemical Company'. Two MPs who have not signed this time round, after putting their names to an earlier EDM against Dow, are Business Secretary Vince Cable and Lib Dem Olympics Board Member, Don Foster.

Having admitted the 'mistake' the 'senior source' is reported to have said: "we’re desperately hoping this doesn’t blow up into something bigger. It would be a disaster if it did."

It seems this 'highly placed source' is unlikely to be LowCoe himself. Despite being the focus of considerable anger in India, on account of his own mother and grandfather's Indian connections, SebCoLtd remains determined to push ahead with the deal. Dow are now part of the Olympic family, along with KillerCoke, FirewallCisco, ObsceneATOS and ExploitativeRTZinc.

It's of companies like these that the IOC's Jackie Rogge said: 'Because the Olympic Family and Coca-Cola (or other sponsors) share the values of Olympism at their deepest level, this is a natural partnership that we hold most dearly.' And as LoCoe echoed: 'The sponsor family is absolutely vital to the success of London 2012. The Games would not be able to happen without the products and services they provide.'

As KillerCoke puts it in its statement about sponsoring the Olympic Games: 'we are committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles.'

Sentiments no doubt echoed by Dow!

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