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London's Olympics Overload

London faces an Olympics overload. Transport is overloaded. Olympics travel chaos threatens London's transport system, London's motorists face £500 fines if they park in Olympic lanes, a £200 fine and a £300 fee to get their cars back from the pound, and the RMT is ticked off with TfL for not giving its Tube staff the same 'bonuses' as train drivers.

Then there's the power overload. Verizon has decided Amsterdam is a safer bet to locate its data centre than London because of fears over power supplies during the Olympics. Mobile phone users are being warned that the mobile phone network may not be able to cope with demand while the Games are on.

And a pollution overload. London has been criticised for its continuing failure to tackle air pollution, a year after China felt a 'pleasant irony' at criticisms of London's pollution. "With less than a year to the Olympic Games, London is doing less to deal with its dangerous air pollution levels than other major European capitals. The government and the mayor of London can no longer ignore the biggest public health crisis since the great smog of 1952," said James Grugeon, chief executive of Environmental Protection UK.

What key issue has Boris been getting overloaded about? The refusal of the BBC to move Eastenders to the new E20 postcoded Media Centre! This ignores another overloaded London location, its skies, overcrowded with aeroplanes which the Beeb pointed out would interfere with filming in E20. In fact the Beeb's failure to mobilise Eastenders in support of the Olympics has been a hot topic for politicians of all colours.

Politicians have a feel for these things!

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