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Loakes' Boosterettes

Waltham Forest Council launched its Youth Ambassadors for the London 2012 Olympics on Wednesday at the home of Leyton Orient. Council leader Cllr Clyde Loakes said, "The Youth Ambassadors will be at the centre of our aspirations as a community for the Olympics, and we want them to help us make sure that all young people enjoy the Olympic experience and help us generate a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

Natasha Akram, who went to Singapore with the London Olympic bid team, said: "It was really exciting to get the Olympics here. When I was at the presentation to the winning candidate city in Singapore all the media thought that the games were going to go to Paris. So when we were told it was London everyone went crazy. Denise Lewis was jumping around because she was so excited and afterwards I got to play football with David Beckham."

Lee Lovelock-Jemmot said: "As young people we are the future. We will be running the Olympic Games when it comes to London. Our role is to create as much publicity for the games as possible among young people and get them involved and excited about the Olympics."

From: Youth connecting with Olympics, October 11, Waltham Forest Guardian,

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