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The Whole World is Watching

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”
Frederick Douglas, Speech on the 24th anniversary of emancipation, Washington , DC, 1886

A local resident is interviewed by a foreign correspondent while rioting is taking place around the Pembury Estate in Hackney, East London.

At present Sheldon Thomas runs his own organization The Helping Hand Trust which works directly with gang members especially around extreme teenage violence giving intensive support, mentoring and gangs mediation...

Under the Helping Hand Trust Sheldon has developed several programmes which are now being delivered in the prison system where he delivers workshops on addressing the root causes of violence and the mental state of young men with a strong focus on targeting black men and women entrenched in gang violence. Sheldon is now seen by many as an expert on gang culture. Sheldon has now developed an specialist outreach and dedicated mentoring team (T.A.G), as well as Gangsline the first dedicated phone line that will offer confidential support to gang members and there families as well as victims of gang violence. T.A.G’s outreach team will not only address the spiritual development of men and women in gang culture but offer practical support through a series of specially designed programs and workshops that will focus on the developing the hidden talents within each gang member, pulling out the potential success story. T.A.G will break the cycle of gang violence by focusing on the root causes of violence and re-addressing the imbalance played out in their minds, by re-focusing each young person on their ability to succeed and to maximize their dreams and aspirations.

'Torch' - Trailer for a new film for 2012. from marc silver on Vimeo.

A J Nakasila talks about his view of the likely impact of the Olympics on local youth

David Harvey responds to the London Riots: 'Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets'

"There will of course be the usual hysterical debate between those prone to view the riots as a matter of pure, unbridled and inexcusable criminality, and those anxious to contextualize events against a background of bad policing; continuing racism and unjustified persecution of youths and minorities; mass unemployment of the young; burgeoning social deprivation; and a mindless politics of austerity that has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with the perpetuation and consolidation of personal wealth and power. Some may even get around to condemning the meaningless and alienating qualities of so many jobs and so much of daily life in the midst of immense but unevenly distributed potentiality for human flourishing.

But the problem is that we live in a society where capitalism itself has become rampantly feral. Feral politicians cheat on their expenses, feral bankers plunder the public purse for all its worth, CEOs, hedge fund operators and private equity geniuses loot the world of wealth, telephone and credit card companies load mysterious charges on everyone’s bills, shopkeepers price gouge, and, at the drop of a hat swindlers and scam artists get to practice three-card monte right up into the highest echelons of the corporate and political world.

A political economy of mass dispossession, of predatory practices to the point of daylight robbery, particularly of the poor and the vulnerable, the unsophisticated and the legally unprotected, has become the order of the day."

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