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No ORN speeding for 'normal' olympic family

Transport for London has said in a Freedom of Information response that it will be enforcing normal speed limits in the London Olympic Road Network (ORN). It has confirmed that the expected time for a journey from Park Lane, where the Olympic ‘family’ will be staying, to Stratford is ‘approximately’ twenty-five minutes, but there will be no exemptions for those using the ORN should they not be able to get to the Games within this time window.

Asked what would happen if ‘family’ members break the speed limit TfL said the Metropolitan Police would be enforcing speed limits. It is working with other bodies to ensure ‘a sufficient resource of civil enforcement officers to provide a visible deterrent and manage traffic contraventions where required’. Likewise if a ‘family’ vehicle was to behave erratically and cause an accident then it will be subject to normal rules.

After all the bleating by the ‘family’ that it is 'normal' and needs ‘efficient’ transport and the demands of athletes that they should not have to face any kind of transport disruption it remains to be seen whether the authorities do indeed adopt this attitude.

Of course, the Clays Lane and Park Village estates and Travellers' Site were all demolished so that athletes would not have to walk for more than fifteen minutes to the main stadium, workers are being told to stay at home and not to use the Tube, cyclists will be pushed into traffic lanes, parts of London will be virtually cut off by the Zil lanes and pedestrians will find it difficult to cross the road to see what is on the other side, all of which the IOC regards as an 'efficient' use of the capital's transport system.

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