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that's a wrap then

On twitter from @LONDON2012:

LOCOG has chosen US-based silicone textile producer Dow Corning to sponsor the 2012 Olympic Stadium wrap

Perhaps no surprise since Dow remain one of the IOC's TOP sponsors, who'll no doubt be wanting to remind us of their continuing obligations and responsibilities to the people of Bhopal.

Meanwhile in the Indy:

Organisers of next year's Olympics believe there is a greater threat of disruption to the Games from anarchist protesters than Islamist terrorism, The Independent on Sunday has learned.
Boris Johnson and Lord Coe, the chairman of London 2012's organising committee, will mark one year to go to the opening ceremony on Wednesday at an event in Trafalgar Square. But planners are braced for widespread disruption to transport, security and the sporting events themselves by groups such as UK Uncut, which led the student-fees protests last year.
Olympics sources say the Games are a likely target for anarchists because of the heavy corporate sponsorship of the events – firms including Lloyds TSB, Adidas, British Airways, BT, Deloitte and EDF are paying a total of £1.4bn – and insiders fear that specially designated traffic lanes for dignitaries on roads leading into the Olympic Village at Stratford, east London, could be blocked by UK Uncut "flash mobs".

That'll just be anarchists then?

PS. Back to Tier One sponsors BP, @HeardInLondon snapped this interesting treatment of their new slogan.

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